October 27th, 2018

Take a dip in the water with your personalised wristband

Tyvek Wristbands are the best means of knowing who paid for a party or any form of event. They are non-transferable, they do not burden the guest with a pass, and at one glance, door people can know who paid and who did not.

However, they can be super frustrating at pool and beach events. They tend to fade and tear. Wristbands Malta is offering you the perfect solution! These longer lasting and more durable Vinyl wristbands may even last for several days or weeks! And what more? They are water resistant! Whether the party animals take a dip in the water or cover themselves in foam, this Vinyl band will not leave their wrist. They are also ideal for accommodation and hotels.

These Vynil wristbands can come with removable tabs which may be used as tokens. Hence, they are perfect for events that come with free drinks or different rides and attractions! Wristbands Malta can even print your logo on these Vinyl wristbands while you can choose from a wide range of colours!

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