November 10th, 2018

Never lose your wristband with the fabric ones.

Wristbands are the easiest means of identifying who paid and who didn’t for an event. With wristbands, the guests have their ticket on their wrist, making both the organisers’ and the guest’s lives easier. However, sometimes wristbands tear and fade, especially during long events.

These fabric wristbands from Wristbands Malta are foolproof! Since they are woven and not printed, these wristbands are impossible to counterfeit. When it comes to longer events, you can rest assured that none of your guest’s wristbands will fade or tear with a fabric wristband.

Such wristbands are also a perfect way to market your event, as this type of wristband tend to stay around for a while after an event. Therefore, if you are a planning an event which is spread over days, head on over to Wristbands Malta with your design and we’ll make sure to provide you with the suitable wristbands for your event!

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